Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack

In this article we are going to cover Create App in Slack, create channel in slack and How to Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack for Real time notifications.

Integrating ArgoCD with Slack allows you to receive real-time notifications about deployments and application health directly in your Slack channels


  • Minikube Installed
  • An ArgoCD cluster
  • A Slack workspace

Step #1:Create a Slack App

Go to the Slack API page and create a new app.

Choose a name for your app (e.g., “ArgoCD Notifications“) and select your Slack workspace.

Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 1

Under OAuth & Permissions

Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 2

add the following scopes:


Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 3


Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 4

Install the app to your workspace

Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 5

Click on “Allow“.

Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 6

copy the generated Bot User OAuth Token.

Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 7

Step #2:Create New Slack Channel

Create a New slack Channel For Ex. “k8s-deployment-status

Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 8

Click on Add an App to add above “ArgoCD Notifications” app into slack channel

Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 9

Select the App and Click on “Add“.

Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 10

Step #3:Install ArgoCD Notifications (if not already installed):

You can install ArgoCD Notifications using the provided installation method based on your deployment (manifest, operator, or Helm) from ArgoCD Notifications official page.

Step #4:Configure ArgoCD Notifications with Slack

Edit the argocd-notifications service manifest and provide the following details or you can create new secret as shown below

Slack token: The Bot User OAuth Token from step 1.

Slack channel: The name of the channel where you want to receive notifications (e.g., “#k8s-deployment-status“).

sudo nano argocd-notifications-secret.yaml

paste the below code, add slack tocken from step 1

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: argocd-notifications-secret
  namespace: argocd
  slack-token: "xoxb-"

Apply the above secret yaml

kubectl apply -f argocd-notifications-secret.yaml

use the OAuth token to configure the Slack integration in the argocd-notifications-secret secret in configmap

sudo nano argocd-notifications-cm.yaml

Paste the below code.

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: argocd-notifications-cm
  service.slack: |
    token: $slack-token  # use as it is 
  defaultTriggers: |
    - on-deployed
  trigger.on-deployed: |
    - description: Application is synced and healthy. Triggered once per commit.
      oncePer: app.status.operationState.syncResult.revision
      - app-deployed
      when: app.status.operationState.phase in ['Succeeded'] and == 'Healthy' and app.status.sync.status == 'Synced' |
    message: |
      {{if eq .serviceType "slack"}}:white_check_mark:{{end}} Application {{}} is now running new version of deployments manifests.
      attachments: |
          "title": "{{}}",
          "color": "#18be52",
          "fields": [
            "title": "Sync Status",
            "value": "{{.app.status.sync.status}}",
            "short": true
            "title": "Repository",
            "value": "{{.app.spec.source.repoURL}}",
            "short": true
            "title": "Revision",
            "value": "{{.app.status.sync.revision}}",
            "short": true
          {{range $index, $c := .app.status.conditions}}
          {{if not $index}},{{end}}
          {{if $index}},{{end}}
            "title": "{{$c.type}}",
            "value": "{{$c.message}}",
            "short": true

apply the above yaml

kubectl apply -f argocd-notifications-cm.yaml

Step #4:Configure Application Notifications (optional):

Annotations can be added to individual applications within ArgoCD to specify notification preferences: Comma-separated list of Slack channels to notify.

Other annotations like and can be used to filter notifications based on resource types and kinds.

Create Application in ArgoCD and add slack channel to test argocd notifications with slack channel

kind: Application
  name: go-app
  namespace: argocd
  annotations: k8s-deployment-status k8s-deployment-status k8s-deployment-status
    name: 'in-cluster'
    namespace: 'default'
    path: 'chart'
    repoURL: ''
    targetRevision: HEAD
      - values.yaml
  project: 'default'
      - CreateNamespace=false

Apply the above Application in ArgoCD, once application is deployed, you will receive deployment status in slack channel

Integrate ArgoCD Notifications with Slack 11


In this article we have covered Create App in Slack, Create Channel in Slack, integrate ArgoCD Notifications with slack.

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