Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners [20 Practical Articles]

In this article, We are going to cover Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners, what is Kubernetes, Kubernetes features, Kubernetes components, Kubernetes Deployment, CI CD for Kubernetes.

What is Kubernetes ?

Kubernetes is a free and open source tool orchestration tool for containers. Kubernetes helps automate the deployment, scaling, scheduling and maintenance of application/service containers across Kubernetes cluster nodes.

Kubernetes has in built in tool for container orchestration, load balancing , service discovery used with containers like Docker, Rocket, etc.,

Kubernetes Features:

  • Open Source and portable with any cloud like Public, Private, Hybrid and Multicloud
  • Load Balancing and Service Discovery
  • Easily Rollback and Rollout
  • Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
  • Self Healing
  • Config-map and Secrets Management
  • Storage Management

Kubernetes Cluster Components

Generally Kubernetes cluster includes one master node and many worker nodes also we can use more than one master node.


On Master node

Kubernetes master is responsible for managing entire cluster, it coordinates all the activities inside the cluster and communicates with worker node.There are four major components on master node.

1. API Server

It is used to exposing various API’s. It is used to create,delete and update any object inside the cluster using kubectl command. API objects can be pods,containers,deployments,services..etc.

2. Kube Scheduler

Scheduler is responsible for physically scheduling pods across multiple nodes, depending upon when we submit requirement to API server, scheduler schedules pod accordingly.

3. Controller Manager

It is responsible overall health of entire cluster such as no of nodes insides the  cluster, up and running status as per specification.


etcd is light weight key-value database, it stores information like about current state of cluster,..etc.

On Worker Node

Worker node can be any Physical Server or Virtual Machine where containers are deployed , containers can be docker,rocket,.etc.

1. Kubelet

Kubelet is primary agent which runs on each worker node.It ensures containers are running in pod.

2. Kubeproxy

It is core Networking component of Kubernetes cluster, it is responsible for entire network configuration, it maintains distributed network across all containers, pods and nodes.

3. Pods

Pod is scheduling unit in Kubernetes, it consists of one or more container. With the help of pod we can deploy one or more container.

4. Container

It provides runtime environment for application.

Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners

We have categorized below Basic Practical Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners which will help to those who want to start learning Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Architecture, Concepts and Cluster Setup:

Kubernetes Concepts for Beginners

How To Setup Kubernetes Cluster Using Kubeadm on Ubuntu 18.04/16.04 LTS

9 Steps to Setup Kubernetes on AWS using KOPS

Kubernetes Dashboard:

4 Steps to Install Kubernetes Dashboard

Kubernetes Namespaces:

How to Create New Namespace in Kubernetes

Kubernetes Deployment:

Kubernetes Deployment Using Helm [Part 1]

Deploy to Kubernetes using Helm and GitLab[ Part 2]

Kubernetes Replication Controllers and ReplicaSet’s

Kubernetes Replication Controllers and ReplicaSet’s

Kubernetes Deployments Rollout and RollBack

Rolling out and Rolling back updates with Zero Downtime on Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes Statefulset

What is Kubernetes StatefulSet and why do we need them ?

Kubernetes Ingress Controller :

Configure Traefik Ingress Controller on Kubernetes [5 Steps]

Configure Traefik Let’s Encrypt for Kubernetes [6 Steps]

Install Nginx Ingress Controller Kubernetes KOPS using Helm 3

Kubernetes Nginx Ingress Controller Let’s Encrypt [cert-manager, TLS]

Kubernetes Monitoring :

6 Open Source Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

Kubernetes cluster monitoring with Prometheus and grafana

How to Install Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes using Helm 3

Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

20 Real Time Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers


We have covered Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners, what is Kubernetes, Kubernetes features and Articles for Kubernetes concepts, Kubernetes Cluster setup using kubeadm and kops, Kubernetes Dashboard, Kubernetes pod and deployment, Kubernetes Namespaces, Kubernetes Ingress controller , Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers.

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