Python Datetime with Examples

In this article We are going to cover Python Datetime with Examples. In python, there is module datetime to work dates and times.

Example of current datetime in Python:

import datetime
a =


2020-12-27 17:18:20.230935

Note: The date contains year, month, day, hour, minute, second, and microsecond.

Python Datetime with Examples 1

Example of current date in Python:

In this program we use today() method  to get today’s date.

import datetime
a =


Python Datetime with Examples 2

Example of python datetime:

In this Example return the year and name of weekday.

import datetime
a =



Create Date Object:

The datetime() class requires three parameters to create date: year, month, day.

Example of create date object in python:

import datetime
a = datetime.datetime(2020, 6, 21)


2020-06-21 00:00:00
Python Datetime with Examples 4

Example of today’s date, month and year in Python:

from datetime import date

today = 

print("Current year:", today.year)
print("Current month:", today.month)
print("Current day:",


Current year: 2020
Current month: 12
Current day: 27
Python Datetime with Examples 5

strptime() in Python:

The strptime() method create datetime.

Example of strptime() method in Python:

import datetime
x = datetime.datetime(2020, 6, 21)
print(x.strftime("%d %B, %y"))


21 June, 20
Python Datetime with Examples 6

Example of Current time in Python

import time
x = time.localtime()
time = time.strftime("%H:%M:%S", x)


Python Datetime with Examples 7

Digital clock in Python:

In this program we use while loop

Example of digital clock in python:

import time
while True:
  l_time = time.localtime()
  x = time.strftime("%I:%M:%S %p", l_time)


07:21:16 PM
07:21:17 PM
07:21:18 PM
07:21:19 PM
07:21:20 PM
Python Datetime with Examples 8

Another Example of digital clock in Python:

import time
while True:
  localtime = time.localtime()
  result = time.strftime("%I:%M:%S %p", localtime)
  print(result, end="", flush=True)
  print("\r", end="", flush=True)


07:28:17 PM07:28:18 PM07:28:19 PM07:28:20 PM07:28:21 PM07:28:22 PM07:28:23 PM07:28:24 PM07:28:25 PM07:28:26 PM07:28:27 PM07:28:28 PM07:28:29 PM07:28:30 PM
07:28:31 PM07:28:32 PM07:28:33 PM07:28:34 PM07:28:35 PM07:28:36 PM
Python Datetime with Examples 9
%aWeekday, short versionMon
%AWeekday, full versionMonday
%dDay of month 06-2121
%wWeekday as a number 0-6, 0 is Sunday3
%bMonth name, short versionJun
%BMonth name, full versionJune
%mMonth as a number 21-0621
%yYear, short version, without century20
%YYear, full version2020
%HHour 00-2319
%IHour 00-1207
%MMinute 00-5948
%SSecond 00-5936
%fMicrosecond 000000-999999392293
%jDay number of year 001-366365
%UWeek number of year, Sunday as the first day of week, 00-5352
%WWeek number of year, Monday as the first day of week, 00-5352
%cLocal version of date and timeSun Dec 27 19:54:47 2020
%xLocal version of date12/27/20
%XLocal version of time19:56:19


In this article, We have covered Python Datetime with Examples.

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